Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Drawing dead birds in Estonia

 Everybody is going crazy about the Olympics. Especially about the 15 year old Lithuanian girl, winning a gold medal! I was in Estonia, at my boyfriends parents. I should have felt very patriotic probably... But nobody could make me go and sit in front a tv set.
I drew outside instead. A huge sketch before taking on a canvas.
 I am not sure if I should fill the whole piece of paper with dead birds, or only have three of them.

 Untill mosquitos came...
A few sketches.
 And suddenly a stork flew into the backyard while I was painting a dead birds feathers.
One of the two laikas (Botsman) says good night to you all.

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Akvilina said...

Idealiai. Kaip man patinka darbo proceso kadrai!