Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Victorian house

My friends  live in an original Victorian house in a small town in the state of Missouri. It looks very nice on the outside, but the inside is even more special.
I don't know when was it last renovated inside, but it's noticeable the last owners did their best to preserve the mood. 
Lots of details are left in place. 

The furniture is collected in various antic shops.
Some other friends were a bit scared of the house when they were staying over a while ago.
One girl had to gather all her courage to go to toilet at night. It's easy to believe the house is haunted.
Lots of dark corners. Ventilation openings (you never know when a pair of eyes might look up at you. Many old house sounds.
But I felt very comfortable there. I was told there was no violent history here. So why should there be any ghosts?
It was very cool inside. I had to go out and warm myself now and then. The dog did exactly the same, just even more frequently.
A very welcoming feature for a house in the Midwest.

A huge and cozy kitchen. With a metal sheet ceiling.


GinCherry said...

Visiskai svajoniu namas :) O virtuve kokio grozio :)

Akvilina said...

Labai toks garbanotas ispudis :) Grazuolis!