Thursday, May 3, 2012

Curious birds

Birds of Lincoln park zoo. 
These were amazing! Very curious and not afraid to come really close.
Why would they have that white mustache?

 And the mustache is placed in the perfect position! I guess the facial jewelry has been traveling around the birds head during the long years of evolution. Here's an idea of where it might have been. 
 Some birds were shielded from the viewers. It's nesting time.
Move further away from the monitor and squint to see the bird better.
 This one was trying to get as close as it's courage allowed. To take a look at my camera or something...
There are peculiar things on it's chest. A runaway mustache perhaps?
 Take me with you, please...

Life outside the walls of the aviary. A blackbird on a perch. 
I am not sure which one is here now. The female or the male. Let's say, one is in place, waiting.
 The female's posture says, get over with it already! But no hurry, the male has to do his impressive mating dance. 
A fun detail, the bodies of the two birds were bending the opposite ways. 
 OK, OK, here it is.
The female is left behind. But just for a short moment. She joins the mate in a crack in the wall of the aviary.

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