Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Lincoln park plant conservatory

 Fern ferns ferns!!!! I was ecstatic! All the places I've visited had orchids, palms, all kinds of tropical plants, but this was beyond my expectations! 
I post just a tiny bit of that fairy tale like place.
I am going to post more ferns from another conservatory in Chicago. Americans love ferns. I even got myself a second hand book about them! 

 On the right-the sausage tree. There was a sign warning not to touch the fruits as they are very fragile. No meat ???
Some take photos... Others draw.
There were quite a few students drawing. I guess some people just like to come here and draw. 

 It felt as if a dinosaur will jump out of the fern bushes any minute now!
 The ultimate wishlist wall! Lecanopteris mirabilis and Lecanopteris curtisii among others.
 The flower room. Lots of older ladies sitting and enjoying the company of each other and flowers.
 A small orchid section. Just a few blooms, but so cramped, that it was fun to look for special plants.
 There were so many tillandsias! And just these here in bloom.
 The orchid/bromeliad display. There's a pond, full of big carps there as well.
 The tillandsia tree.
 On the left-the ravioli plant. On the right-a funny smelling Crib of Venus orchid (Anguloa ruckeri).
 The dinosaurs have finally showed themselves!
 A fern.
More bromelias and orchids. 
More coming soon.

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