Friday, May 4, 2012

Too green?

Almost the last photos from my trip to USA. I intend to post one more post on birds. I know there are people among my blog visitors who are interested in birds and in plants. But if you aren't just let your eyes bask in the green. It's good for you.
 This time I payed a visit to the Garfield park plant conservatory. 
 The desert room was this big. I am showing the size with my arms now...

 Everything was so tidy.

 The philodendron section. And some people grow these giants at home. I myself have two. But much much smaller species.

 And again-a fern room! This one even more impressive than the one in Lincoln park.
 Could it be the mosquito fern? Every inch of surface was covered with it.

 The playground fro children. I would definitely let my children hang out in a place like this one!
 Various blossoming hoyas.

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Urze said...

Dievai, kokia atgaiva akims toks žalumas. O įvairovė kokia! Mmm, kad taip turėt gabaliuką tokio subalansuoto grožio namuose, bet ne vazonėliuose...