Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The growing collection

Oh, how I love pottery! I constantly try to find time and resources to take a pottery course, but with no luck. Probably deep down I don't want to make pots and vases. Because I wouldn't be any good at it. At least in the beginning.
I visited a few shops in Japan town in USA. They had the most wonderful things there!
70's Scandinavian pottery is also very special.


giedruma said...

totally - Japanese and the 70s - my favorite pottery design lines.. I am just holding myself from covering my kitchen with it :)) was pretty successful for now, but living in santa monica you can see lots of these things in ppls yards and homes, so i stop to admire a lot..

Reda said...

Ah, I wish I was there. Taip jau yra, kai tampi apsuptas trokštamų daiktų, staiga jie nebėra tokie patrauklūs. Nooorsss, Švedijoje 70-ųjų keramikos nemažai buvo, bet aš vistiek viską susipirkt norėjau :-)