Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ugly and beautiful

There's less and less time to spend on internet as summer approaches.
It seems it should be the opposite. Numerous chances to expose new dresses and skirts.
But no mood for that yet. Don't get me wrong. Dresses and skirts, and me are inseparable.
As all people are. It would be quite a show if there was an equivalent to , let's say "A day without a car"- "No clothes" day. 
This weekend was so full of everything! There was a flower show in Kaunas. Contemporary music festival in Druskininkai.
But I've got no pictures. I left my camera at home on purpose...
When looking at things through a lens in an event there's always a chance one might miss the whole thing.
This is a new installation in my window. A ceropegia woodii tuber expanding above a window sill.
I cant' wait for it to get really big and ugly :-)
I was so exited in the show in Kaunas I even got a headache. So many different species of plants to see. And to buy...
This is one of my many newcomers. A couple of haworthias.

I'm grateful to live so close to the market. 
Sometimes something else comes home along with vegetables and fruits...
This time it was an old ceramic table protector and an old soviet exponometer.

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Akvilina said...

"Big and ugly" xi xi, geras noras :)