Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The walls of Alcatraz

 We took the ferry to one of the most visited spots in San Francisco!  The infamous Alcatraz on a tiny island in the bay!
 One thing that struck me the most was that there were families of the guards and administration living on the island. The most dangerous criminals of the country getting along with children! The families felt very safe. The kids took a ferry to a school on the main land.
  A couple of films were shot here. And there's some new series going on ? Called "Alcatraz" obviously.
 The cozy shower room.
 All the inmates had their private cells. 
There had been a few attempts to escape. Three guys have succeeded to break out of the building, but nobody knows if they've made it to the shore. 
 One of the cells. It looked cozier later on, when the guys were allowed to practice painting , drawing, playing on some musical instrument...
 They could always take a walk outside, in the enclosed yard and gaze on the down town and see what they're missing.

 The library.
 People taking pictures of a seagull. I have more of this kind of pictures. I think ,  I might be on somebodies picture of people taking pictures of seagulls.
 This is where the community houses were standing. But they all disappeared in a fire. Only a colony of seagulls rent the place now. 

 The prison is surrounded by gardens. To make it more homy.
That was a very windy spot. I've noticed, almost all of my posts end with words "very windy". Hmmmm...

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