Monday, April 23, 2012

San Francisco part 2. With Tenderloin and Japan Town

A very pretty sign!
I'm back from Chicago, but I'm still posting photos from San Francisco. I am way behind my real time posting. 
But I really want to share pictures of those buildings.
 One day I walked all the way from China town, through Tenderloin neighborhood (it used to be frequented by drug dealers, prostitutes and so on) all the way to Japan town. I was gonna walk to the Jazz district as well, but I got stuck in the world of wonders both of food and things.
 The higher  and older buildings in the previously dangerous neighborhood.

The romance of fire escapes. So many films where people sit and enjoy themselves, try to get inside and climb through a window, stand in the rain outside a window, run up or down chasing or being chased.

 The city is very colorful! Pink houses pop there and here occasionally. 
I'm writing this post from a very pink Victorian house where I'm staying in the state of Missouri.

 The streets are looong and wide.
 There was a christian church just outside of Japan town. Doesn't it resemble a huge fortune cookie?
 I've just missed a blossom festival with drums and stuff :-(
 A gecko girl on a rock (J Town).
 A pigeon trying to do the same thing (Union square).
An angel trumpet smells pleasant. We first met in Australia.
 Houses with painted decor details. Saves you money and looks fun!
 Pastries in the Italian district. 
 The morning is just beginning outside the cafe. Some places get more attention than others. The lines outside the doors give away the popular places. Is Lonely Planet to be blamed?
 Curious trees grow along the way to Coit tower. It looks spiky from further away, but is actually covered in tiny tender leaves.
 The views from the Coit tower hill.
 Healthy people live in San Francisco. No wonder, look at those hills! The curviest street in the world  can be seen on the right.
Somebody drove into a house. A perfectly  normal looking house. But, oops, it's not made of brick or stone! Plywood and plaster more likely?

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