Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Muir woods and The Muir beach

 Just a fracture of previously large redwood forests lay just behind the Golden Gate bridge.
 The trees can reach 90 meters hight. 
I was really looking forward to see the woods. Not only because of the trees. A few scenes from various films were filmed here:  "The return of The Jedi", "Vertigo", "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and probably more.
Young trees can sprout from dormant buds in the burls at the base of a tree or from fallen trees. Redwood burls are gnarled structures that form from axillary buds on seedling redwoods. I am not sure what is the burl in the pic above.

There are few animals living in the woods. But i only saw a winter wren. A tiny bird, common in Europe as well.
I was really looking forward to spot a banana slug. But I had no luck.

Post boxes on our way out of Muir Woods to Muir beach.
Only a half of them could fit into the picture.
The very dark, windy beach.

That stone had a very green shade. And a shape of a fish.
Can you spot a sleeping face here?
Same kind of plants I've seen in Australia.
The jewelry of the ocean...
And this is an Australian corner (named by me). The gum trees smell exactly like on the other continent. Oh, I miss Australia!

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