Monday, April 23, 2012

Shades of blue

 Another beach we visited during our stay in San Fran. It's huge!
 Some birds, of course. I still haven't looked up what these are. But they were pretty comfortable with kids and dogs running around.

 The best stylization of a jellyfish I've ever seen!
 There were dogs everywhere, running off leach. A totally different approach in Australia. No pets on a beach or just dogs on a leach there.
 The water was freezing. Nobody was swimming. Just one guy, on top of the water...
 See, I wasn't exaggerating, it was very windy!
 Another photo of people taking photos of birds. Or seagulls, to be more precise.
 The models knew exactly which flank to show, how to turn the head...
 A colony of cormorants and pelicans. I noticed the latter ones only when I've opened the photo on the computer. 
 The beach in Palanga, Lithuania used to be almost as wide. And sure, I was a kid then, it took me longer to reach the water. But it's obvious that the Baltic sea is eating it's way towards the land.
 Just some folks, enjoying the view. I did the same. With pelicans flying above me.


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