Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The last of S F. And the first of the rural America.

 The last evening in San Francisco. We hurry up to visit a few more worth visiting places. I take a 100 photos of different houses from our car. 
 Sushi for the last dinner. The place was a jungle of oddities and plants. The food was great and the hostess could barely speak English. She filled the gaps with her peculiar laugh :-)
 The botanical garden was closing. I should have come here before the sushi.
 That old fat Brussels griffon was almost petted to death!
 The famous view. I've sent a couple of postcards of it to my friends. It's amazing we got a clear shot!
 Good bye town of hills!
 My friend's cat on their porch. The midwest of USA.
 It's probably the history of the town depicted on this wall.
 A boy's ride, parked next to McDonalds. Probably the busiest place in the town.
 I took a bicycle to explore the outskirts of the town. It felt a bit strange to walk in the town, because most of the time I was the only one on foot. People were staring. Somebody even honked! I didn't feel very comfortable :-)
A girl, bicycling outside the town must have been equally peculiar to the locals. 
I bet these horses have never seen a bike before!
 I was really hoping to see an armadillo or a snake. But a slower creature was equally fun to see!
I've seen a few flattened raccoons and armadillos while driving in a car.
I also saw some spectacular birds, but they were very shy and wouldn't let me come close enough for a good shot. 
A funny thing-nowhere else have I seen so many hawks and other birds of prey as in this country. They were even circling above the suburbs of Kansas City!
 Some kind of box turtle? This turtle could snap. Could I loose a finger?
Doesn't it look like Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace?
 More of the small town in the state of Missouri.
Next to a beauty salon. 
Should I go and buy a ceramic cactus I've seen in a secondhand shop?


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Labai laukiu Chicago!!! :) Kada? Kada? Kada? :)

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kokie grazus pastatai...