Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daylight in Chicago

 On my way to down town.

 I was planing to pay a visit to some of the art deco buildings. To take a look both inside and outside. But I somehow never saw the interiors. It was plenty to see on the streets.
 I've been to cities, larger that Chicago. But it was my first time in the shadows of more than five skyscrapers.
A gigantic woman was enjoying herself on the main shopping street. And nobody was terrified of her sheer size.

 There is a building housing apartments and a parking lot on the few of the first floors. What if you accidentally put the gear in reverse?
 The loop was pretty amazing. The railroad runs above the streets, like an elevated river of wood and iron. 

 Really characteristic view of Chicago. 
 The tops of the highest buildings hide in the mist most of the time.

 I somehow have nothing to say. The photos talk for themselves.

This is the Cloud gate at the Millennium Park. People call it "The Bean". 

If you walk under the sculpture and look up this is what you see.  I got very dizzy and nauseous for some reason.

 The railroad running among buildings. The stations a truly old, but sturdy. 
 Some street art in Bucktown. The  neighborhood where students and artists thrive.
 Luka, if you see this I want you to know, it's you!

 A giant Jackson lives on the second floor.
 Cafes, secondhand and record shops cram together here.

 I am really curious about this music...
At the entrance of a "Serious shop". 


Akvilina said...

Bliamba, kaip pavydziu! Man kaip spyglys i pasirdzius :) Ziauriai super!
Ten kur tos masinos priparkuotos apvaliam pastate, tai ten jas pastato spec. iranga, zmonems nereikia manevruot :)

Reda said...

Nenorejau suzeist :-) O tas parkingas kaip is paskutinio "Mission impossible" :-DD

Gyvas Cirkas said...

don't get me wrong, bet man kazkaip labai netikra i mean spalvos ir vibe's... chicago atrodo visai kitaip i real.... bet cia gal tik man.

Reda said...

Na, ka as galiu pasakyt. Ar butinai man dabar savo bloge perteikti toki miesta, koks tamstai atrodo?