Sunday, December 11, 2011

Talking about orchids

 Can I officially call myself an orchid fan/grower? Well, I participated in an orchid seminar today.
Two topics were covered: Jewel orchids and taking care of orchids in winter time.
 Lots of interesting new stuff. Also plenty of new faces. 
And there was a small market on the spot. One could purchase a plant that could possibly be never found in a regular shop. Relatively rare plant that is. 
 This was cheerfully called a "make it yourself" phalaenopsis farm. These here are 3 year old hybrids, bred in Lithuania.
 Some of the jewel orchids. Grown rather for their beautiful foliage than flowers.
 A jewel orchid on the left. And some other kinds of orchids in bloom.

There was snow outside. One of the first this year...

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