Saturday, December 10, 2011

A fast bag remake

 I found this leather backpack in a secondhand shop.  I'd like to have a backpack, but this one was made in such a peculiar way, it would have been useless to me. I couldn't leave this piece of strong leather alone, so I took it home with me. 
Unfortunately I don't have a sewing machine that could bite into leather, so I had a shoe mender to fix it. 
It turned out pretty OK. But  just one note to myself regarding similar projects in future: next time I trust an older man to do work like that I'm gonna mark spots (with a marker or something) where stuff must be cut or sewn into place. 
So, I had the handles removed and put in a different place, also a lining added.
What do you think?

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T said...

nice! Gera idėja taip remake'inti:)