Monday, December 12, 2011

A bit of Australia at home

The most recent plant - Dendrobium Berry Oda. It's a hybrid: a cross between a  Dendrobium kingianum and a Dendrobium 'Mini Pearl' (=Dendrobium canaliculatum x Dendrobium bigibbum).
Dendrobium Kingianum is an orchid from Eastern Australia. It's flowers are small and the stem looks like a bamboo. Thus this orchid is sometimes called a bamboo orchid.
I have now 8 orchids. Very little. 
There are still many many plants I would like to get my paws on. But I think I'll concentrate on some tiny ones now. Cause of the space shortage, but also because the small plants are so interesting to take care of. They are hiding there in the pot. And the next time you come closer to inspect it, there's something new going on. It's a bit like a surprise each time.
My succulents are doing almost OK. There's too little sun for them. And the winter has just started!
I have two things to dream of now-an aquarium and an orchidarium! The water from the first one can very successfully be used in the second one.
And here is a plant I'd like to see in my small collection-a tiny orchid Corybas Pictus. Scroll down for the pictures, see how small it is!

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