Thursday, November 24, 2011

One day-two locations

Warning! This post contains pictures of dead animals.
 We went to the sea side another day. Or is it ocean side? It was pretty much deserted, except for birds, corpses of fish and a seal, a couple fishing and some cars on a tiny peninsula.

 I swear, I didn't make this composition!
Footprints of a pelican. There's one thing I've missed in Australia-pelicans! I haven't seen any up close.
 The only seal I've seen. We should have gone to Kangaroo island to see some live ones.
 There was fire smoke on our way to a winery. Could be a bit worrying as it's fire ban right now.
We went to one winery just for their cakes and the view. Unfortunately, there was a wedding, so we couldn't sit in the pretty garden house. Also we got eaten by sand flies-much worse than mosquitoes! 
We spooked some large predatory bird while walking in the surrounding park. It left a fresh kill behind.  We are terribly sorry, bird!
 The trail. I'm still a bit worried about snakes. But it's probably too cold for them anyway.
 The alley of African plants.
Look at the photos below. I found the same kind of plants, but with blooms opening in different stagesVoi!

 Almost there...

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