Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In the hills

 Since Laurius has to work, we spend our evenings driving to spots of interest around Adelaide. This time-the hills. The city is virtually surrounded by them. 
I can't tell how long the walk took us, but it was long. If I remember correctly, we took the red trail.
 You can see the trail running down. Or up...
 Adelaide in the background. The population is 1, 2 million, but it takes a really big area. It's because of all the suburbia. The town is wide spread, with the city center, marked by tall buildings, crammed up in the middle.
 I can't get enough of these huge ants! Just look at these tweezers! And they are also very interactive. They would follow you around if you stay close enough.
 A family of Chewbaccas.
 Getting pretty high. The trail is narrow at times. So you experience that pulling towards abyss feeling.
 I take a photo of a section of the trail I've walked at each curve. The indistinct darker line in the center (a bit higher than the middle of the picture) is the trail.
The waterfall. See the tiny blue spec at the lower left corner? It's a person...
 OK, we've seen crickets swaying in the sunshine, we've seen the female crickets laying their eggs , but we weren't prepared for this! Well, at least we know now how they make their eggs. 
 I think it has a warning sigh on it's back.
 One of the look outs.
 Even scrubs and grasses are gorgeous here!

 We accidentally turned off the path and ended up in some kind of thorny bushes. I think it was blackberries. Man we got scratched! But it was fun anyway! 
See the low very green plant area? The thorny blackberry bushes we've just passed.

The trip started somewhere beyond the left corner of the photo.
 Mister/miss lizard in pajamas...
Down at last!


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