Thursday, November 24, 2011

Last days in Australia

The last days in Australia. A short visit to the botanic gardens, the Adelaide museum (would you like to see some interesting photos?) and the riverside.
 Some more interesting blossoms.
 I think the plants in these two pics are irises. Different than at home.

 And since I was back in the botanic gardens I visited the Bicentennial Conservatory. Tall tropical plants, surrounded by tall walls.
 Look at these things on the right! I think it's plants air roots-basically breathing organs.
 The palm tree on the left had huge leaves! The largest I've aver seen!

 It so beautiful in the gardens when the sun is close to horizon. Everybody knows it's a disaster to take pictures during the day if the sun isn't concealed by the clouds. It's right above your head here in Australia and everything just looks burned out.
 Ehmm, I couldn't get enough of that light.
 Ducks are there each time you turn your head.

 On the right-a large tillandsia.
 Look at those eyes on the left!

The tram goes all the way to the beach in Glenelg. The ocean is just behind that horizontal line.
The indigenous black swans. 
 A juvenile black swan. The difference is the brown aye. Grownups have red eyes. It makes them look a bit stupid ...

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