Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back in Adelaide

I'm sorting photos of my journey to Australia and I can see the end of them. A couple of posts left.
And now-about the photos in this post. We've come home to Adelaide. But there's plenty to see around the city. So we head out for the wetlands and mangrove. A place worth calling a fairy tale.
 The tide was low, but we still could see the water movement. The trail twisted and zigzagged first among low bushes, later-among higher trees. 
The ground was crawling with small crabs. They dig into the weed and mud as soon as we approach. Crabs react to movement. 
There were lots of birds, of course. But it was difficult to spot them. The birds knew we were there. Only occasional egrets could be seen flying above the canopy. 
Photo by Laurius.

The Grey Fantail (Rhipidura albiscapa).It had it's bath so fast we weren't sure if it was cold or afraid of the water! 
Photo by Laurius.
 Back in town. This is where I want to be-in the jungle! It's a wall of a school yard .
 Luka's monstera and the fatty pigeon. He is coming to our yard very often now. Of course, he is- he gets sunflower seeds every single time he comes! I think he will decide to move in near future. 
 Check out this plant! It's a kangaroo paw! I've seen them in shops in Lithuania! 
Some streets were covered in pink fallen blossoms (Jacaranda trees). And the scent was nice! I will always remember Australia as a country of smells. Nice smells: gum trees, ficus berries, jasmine, coffee, roses and many more.


GinCherry said...

Kaip siurrealistishkai atrodo tie violetiniai medziai!

mirattes said...

Jeigu neklystu tie violetiniai medziai yra Jakaranda. PAR miestas Pretoria, kaip tik vadinama Jakarandu namais :)
Labai grazios nuotraukos, atrodo buvo isties nereali kelione. Perziurejau visus reportazus ir kiekviena karta laukiau nauju.
Kokius objektyvus pagrinde naudojai?

Reda said...

Mirattes, labai ačiū už medžių pavadinimą! Man visad norisi tuos pavadinimus žinoti.
Dėl objektyvų. Juokinga,bet didžioji dalis nuotraukų darytos mano sena kompaktine kamera http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sonydsch1/ Su ja gaunasi neblogos makro fotkės! Yra viena kita nuotrauka, daryta mano draugų, su Canon zoom lens EF-S 55-250mm 1:4-5.6 IS objektyvu. Bet kaip minėjau, beveik visos foto-muilinės :-) Post produkcija stebuklus čia daro ;-)

mirattes said...

Tavo nora viska tiksliai pavadinti jau pastebejau, todel apsidziaugiau pikdziugiskai, kad galbut tu ne viska zinai ir as pabusiu protinguole :)
O del nuotrauku, tai niekada nebuciau pamaniusi, kad nuotraukos darytos su muiline! Super kokybe ;)