Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A looong day...

 Actually it's two days. It feels like I have been bicycling up and down the streets of Adelaide weeks ago. So much to see, smell and taste. And hear, of course!
Above-one of the central parts of the city. And the view across the street right here:

 We had an Australian BBQ. In a balcony. It's different. They don't have a grill -no open fire. Like the signs in streets say: "One spark can kill a park!". Oh, and if there's a fire somewhere, fire trucks magically get all the green lights on their way.  I'm guessing they have special remote controls.
 The view from the balcony. Somebodies backyard.
 The view from the balcony.
I had a short visit to the beach. Cooold and windy! I hope to come back here soon.
The sun sets a bit faster than at home.

 China town gate. 
 An Australian magpie feeding it's baby. The child makes a very funny begging sound. Need to record it, I think.
 The shopping street.
The same street.  Look at the Santa on the top left corner! We've even seen some Christmas trees in shop windows.

 One can get a free tram ride inside the city. Great!
 Sushi is different  here. It's in big pieces. You eat it like a chocolate bar. Pouring some soya sauce before each bite. Rather handy. I haven't decided which way I prefer.
I visited one of Adelaide's botanical gardens. Prepare for plant pictures next time!


Greta Brigita said...

labuka, labai smagūs fotoreportažai. man irgi labai įdomu, kodėl saulė piečiau leidžia anksčiau. aš pamenu, kai buvau Floridoje, tai liepos mėnesį apie pusę 9 vakaro jau leidosi saulė...

Akvilina said...

Kiek ten visko daug atvirksciai, arba su patobulinimais. Tikrai kad idomi salis.
"Smalsutes ir smalsuciai, keliaukit ir smalsaukit, Australijon visi" :)