Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Helmets helmets helmets

  One early morning we were driven up to Adelaide hills. There was fog. A rare sight in these parts of Australia.
It was much colder than down in the valley. It was 13 degrees Celsius. And we were gonna ride bikes all the way down. This is what I wore.
Luckily the guide lent me his jacket (I never packed one, didn't think I'm gonna need one here!).
 And we were lucky to see a group of yellow-tailed black cockatoos again! Two days in a row!
 A classic view...

 The ride was really fun! A bit scary sometimes. 

 When it's all clear one can see Adelaide down there. The board shows what we were supposed to see.
I wish I could look around more. But safety first.


Berta said...

kokios malonios spalvos! tikiu, kad ir įspūdžiai:)
visgi svajonių šalis..

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Sandra said...

Kookia nuostabi pirma foto!