Thursday, October 27, 2011

At the botanic gardens

Botanic garden of Adelaide is a beautiful place. Full of birds, flowers and smells. Oh, these smells! All of Australia smells wonderful. If it's not flowers, then it's eucalyptus trees.

Old seed cases of Lotus lily.
I had a tour around the garden the other day. An old lady took us through the Australian bush section. She told us a lot about the native trees. She also showed us some of the introduced species. Australians are very serious about getting rid of all the new species and replanting the native ones.
But the old lady skipped the succulent garden!

The Palm House is an exquisite, painstakingly restored Victorian glasshouse imported from Bremen, Germany in 1875. It is thought to be the only one of its kind still in existence.
The Rainbow Lorikeet, (Trichoglossus haematodus) feasting on figs.
Better not to stand under the same tree.

Noisy Miner. Scientific name: Manorina melanocephala. It looks a bit stupid because of the yellow patches behind the eyes.
A really beautiful aloe!

Inside the palm house.

This plant has very useful roots.

Snake plant!

There was the palm section as well. I plan to visit the tropical glass house soon.

Magpie-lark. Scientific name: Grallina cyanoleuca.
Can You imagine this bird in coffee shops in Europe?

We had our coffee under an oak tree!  Surrounded by philodendron.

Santos Museum of economic botany.  There is the  permanent collection which was part of the original museum display.

A double coco nut.
I've got more pics from the visit to the park. I will either post them here later or just put them all on Picassa.


GinCherry said...

Tai ash paalpesiu del palmiu namo, nes pamirsau ir vel kaip lietuvishkai vadinas :D Ne-rea-lus :)

Martyna said...

Lovely garden, I wish to visit it someday.... :)