Thursday, June 29, 2017

Old news from Crete

I have been so busy with the new book and the new cat that I have neglected to post about my trip to Crete. I have been enjoying the views with my parents for 8 days.
Anyway, lots of photos again. 
I also did some photo hunting of the local cats.
Above-the ancient canon balls at Koules fortress in Heraklion port.

With mom.
The classic colors of Crete... And the beautiful bougainvillea, of course!
Sometimes one couldn't spot the goats or the sheep, but their bells were heard everywhere. Such a lovely sound. Listen to it here.
The natural sponges in a shop. I was told, the darker ones last longer...
The cacti and succulent showers were on every corner!
Even if you don't hunt for cats, they end up in the photos anyway.
I got a few pieces of the fish bone cactus (Selenicereus anthonyanus)! And I can already see the roots emerging. Yay!
And I hope you enjoy the cat portraits. Some animals were in a bit poor health and difficult to look at when having a meal. Very punctual animals, always arriving in time for breakfast and dinner.

We went up the hills to drive around the Lasithi plateau. All the towns around it were very tourist conscious :-)
I tried to persuade my parent to do some mountain climbing. We didn't go very far. I spotted a tiny tiny grey mantis and some fun looking plants. 

I think I have visited every plant shop on our way.

Somebody thought it's nice to have a Monstera deliciosa in the parking.

Crete was submerged in pink and yellow flowers of oleanders. Beautiful, but poisonous from top to root.
Cretans love their birds.And are proud to tell you they have caught the animals themselves. I have seen many Gold finches living in captivity. Some restaurants even put a cage with a canary bird on a table to entertain the dining kids.

That's not even a studio apartment cage!
Do not cross the white line! Just a street...

The beautiful Rethymno.

I wanted to hike St. Anthony gorge so much. But maybe next time, when there will be less rain. This year it was a bit of a freak spring. It rained a lot, when there should have been no rain at all.
There was a cave chapel in the beginning of the gorge. The walls were covered with wishing medal ions.
And some crevices were full of left behind crotches. All miracles?!
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