Friday, February 24, 2017

The flying gallop

 I don't why I decided to do a puppet. The most important thing is I am hooked! I made three already and two more are in the meditative state. Also I need some supplies, and today is a national holiday in Estonia-most places are closed.
 I made it extra colorful and with glittery mane and tail as it is for my 3.5 year old girl. She hasn't seen it yet. I must say I am a bit worried it won't make the impression I am hoping for. 
My sister suggested I should make them on demand. It looks cute as an interior detail, don't you think?
Right now I am working on two running whippets. These look less childish, I swear. 
There will be time for the Russian borzoi too. Two of my favorite breeds.
Have you ever paid attention to galloping horses in some of the old paintings?  Like this one here. Can you tell me what's wrong with the picture?
Well, the horses are in "Flying gallop" position. All four limbs are outstretched and the flat surfaces of the hinder hoofs are facing upwards
But doesn't a horse become fully airborne when it trots or gallops? With the legs parallel to the body?
Eadweard Muybridge set out to answer the question in 1878.
The answer was "no", a horse always has it's limbs bent beneath the body when airborn. And when the legs are outstretched, one hoof is always in contact with ground.
And even if it jumps over an obstacle, it's legs are never in outstretched, horizontal to ground position.

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