Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A bit from there and a bit from here

 I can't believe the first pic is taken in winter and I still find myself living in a foreign country.
 A bowl of smelt, announcing the slowly approaching spring.
This chair has been repainted twice. The all over yellow was too boring. 
 A couple of photos from the photo-session for my friends knitting blog. I got this gorgeous sweater in exchange for my oil painting. Read more about it here.

 My lino-cuts for a competition in Tartu print museum.
 A mausoleum for a french general Barclay de Tolly. It is snugly tucked in somewhere in the south of Estonia.

 We found several hair nets from 50's (at least I think so)in their original packing. Anybody interested? There are more in black and of much finer thread.
 I can not recall ever seeing whole fields of dandelions.
 An old mental hospital in rural Estonia.
 And a magnificent castle in English style just opposite it.
And my new vanda is in bloom. 11 flowers!

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