Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Orchids and drawings

Hanna has decided it's too tiresome to paint standing. But originally she brought the chair to reach the top of the paper.
Honestly, I just want to post all of her paintings. And I am not exaggerating, one is totally worth of framing and hanging in the living room.
 And lots of orchids in bloom or getting ready. Most of them have a very pleasant smell. Here is oncidium sotoanum. It's tiny, but has a very sharp scent. Some people can't appreciate it.
 My darling encycvlia vitellina. It didn't fully extend it's flower stalk for some reason. There are three flowers crammed together in there. No scent on this one.
 Twice a year bloomer oncidium "Seet Sugar". Always throws a show, but this year it had some bug trouble and I accidentaly placed it near a boiling pot and scalded some of the buds. But it's still producing two stalks as usual, less branches though.
 Two cattleya hybrids getting ready. Can't wait for these! They have a nice smell too.

And brassolaelia "Yellow Bird" is my favorite at the time. Three stalks in bloom, three more to go. It has a sweet scent at night. Flowers open reddish, turn bright yellow over time. A wonderful orchid!

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