Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cyclamen hederifolium

This little fella has finally put on some flowers.It is one of the hardiest cyclamens and should probably be kept it in the balcony all winter. It has a big tuber as you can see. Very special beauty, when talking about caudexes.


Anonymous said...

Hello There!

I am so curious about your Cyclamen! She is so beautiful! Do you have any good tips for growing this plant indoors?

Warm Regards,

Reda said...

Hello, Coleen. I can't tell you much, I have had the little fella for a month now. I got it with flower buds, bud they just withered one after another. So I did some research and find out this plant likes it cool. It can stay outside all winter, as long as it has snow cover. So, I started opening the balcony door and leaving the plant there for an hour or more. It's 6-9 degrees Celsius outside. It felt much happier at once and produced the flowers and even some leaves. It goes dormant in may here in Europe.
I hope it was helpful.

Best regards!

Anonymous said...

Hi Reda,

Thank you so much for the tips! Wishing you much luck with your new friend :)The flowers are so lovely.