Friday, September 25, 2015

Plant show "Augalų Labirintai"

Well, it's that time of the year again! The annual show of home plants, dominated by orchids, succulents and cacti. But of course there are many other interesting plants there too.
This year it focuses on miniature gardens. 
I spent half of the day yesterday preparing and packing the plants and then had a long evening at the University of Education, arranging the exhibition and helping with other stuff.
 The corner (a big one) of cacti.
Brushing the last sand grains from the aloe.
  My miniature garden, depicting a semi desert. The name is "Where's the cowboy?". And there actually is a tiny cowboy hiding there somewhere, just look for him.
 Our florist made some crazy wall. With running water and moss, and plants. 
His work "purse" contained tools, that at first glance had nothing to do with flowers at all!
 There will be two spots where one can buy a new plant. Two orchid sellers in orchid and swamp room. One of them, Roellke orchids, came all the way from Germany. The other, a bit further down the corridor, is where participants sell their seedlings or mature plants.
 And it's very important to weed your cactus of any oxalis. It looks nice, but takes most of the good stuff from the soil, leaving the cacti hungry.

The show opens today at 11 and will be there for you until Sunday evening.

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