Monday, September 21, 2015

Go back to the wilderness

 Prepare for many photos of plants and nature.
This is a documentation of an abandoned flower garden. That's where many of our bouquets came from.
This post contains only mobile phone photos. I like how the images are flat and sharp. But not always...
 Today was Hanna's first day in kindergarten. It's a type of nature kindergarten, where they live by a motto "There's no bad weather, only bad clothing". So, today children had snacks in the rainy forest, siting on the wet carpet of leaves. 

I have long felt, that being in nature, especially actively making something works very calming on me. My head sort of clears up like a sky after a bad bad dark storm.
So, I got this book in my hands today. "Last child in the woods" by Richard Louv.

 There are books in ones life, which make you say this: the author verbalizes my thoughts I have been carrying around, sometimes, not even thoughts, but  a kind of feeling, which I had no words for! Well, this one is just like that. It talks about our generation's detachment from the nature, even criminalisation of it. And very much about the effects it has on our children and us. 
I just have started reading it, but I'm already planing on spending even more time in the woods or meadows with Hanna. Because I am lucky enough to have memories of playing in the fields and climbing the trees.
I make it sound very romantic, but the author talks about this also.
I won't go into any  more detail, but I think it's a book to look for if one is at least  a bit interested in preserving the connection to the wilderness and recognizing it's benefits.
 Above the beautiful shield bug with an equally elegant Latin name palomena prasina. And the stripy bunch are graphosoma lineatum.
Autumn crocus surprise.

 These are not pancakes, but mushrooms. A whole ring of them.

 Hanna's fishing place.
And the collection of odd roots.
 And some more autumn garden. Let your eyes see all that green. It's good for you. As well, as making love, as somebody famous said.

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