Thursday, July 2, 2015

Groningen and Amsterdam through Bremen

I had a whole week off alone.
I visited my friend in Groningen. We met in Bremen as I have decided it was more exciting to visit Amsterdam later and not to take the plane there.
 I spend  a few hours alone in Bremen. Flower markets!
The donkey won't fit in my 50 mm lens. 
I have seen a few more sculptures by the same author. I like the style a lot. And these were mostly animals.
A very golden scene with St. George.

Germans, as well as dutch are very good at growing roses.
Approaching the Schnoor neighborhood.

Not Holland yet...
Colors of Groningen...
I was  a bit shocked by the low windows in Holland. There were a few times when I thought I was window shopping when I realized I am looking at a scene from somebodies life.
These people really like their flowers. I was told that if you are a plant, you're gonna love the dutch weather.
A park that goes by some prince name.
Sorry for the romantic photos, bet the light was so interesting.

I will sure end up in one of blogs, she's thinking.

Just before leaving for Amsterdam. Ksenija in the bicycle parking.

Note the bed on the top part of the barge! We figured a bachelor lives there.
I have seen these crazy curtains on few occasions.

I wouldn't ask the death for the directions, thank you...

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