Friday, July 3, 2015

Greetings from Amsterdam

 See how the houses are tilted outwards? Very convenient when lifting things up on the crook atop the exterior.
 Snakes and mouths for glasses. In case you feel cocky today.
 Amsterdam was a bit horrible. At least the places, mostly frequented by tourists. But one could spot small patches of oasis here and there. These plants, for instance grow only in the wild in Lithuania. At least I haven't seen them on somebodies doorstep on a busy street in Vilnius.
 The flower market was a bit of disappointment for me. There were more fridge magnets and wooden tulips than actual plants. Well, we visited a real market in Utrecht. Coming soon.
 How my barge would look like if I owned one.
 The museum area. Me and Ksenija decided to check out the nearby neighborhood De Pijp. We were getting hungry and I have been jabbering about Asian kitchen since I got to Holland. 
 De Pijp was a very pleasant surprise. We found out later that it is one of the hip neighborhood in Amsterdam at the moment. It has a mixture of different cultures, with relaxed atmosphere. And we have just missed the local market.
Above - another exclusively forest dweller in Lithuania, robin. 
 We had a dinner in a Thai restaurant, made  a bunch of photos of De Pijp and headed back to Groningen.
 I haven't seen kids do rope jumping since I was a kid myself!
 Check out this parking style! Did the guy or the lady flew out of the car? Or they had to swim home?
 Urban nesting. A coot.
An envy worthy collection. I have got only one of these.
 This kind of shop seems to be popular. I saw a couple.
 Reminds me of Rome...
Ksenija and the tulip bulbs in the flower market.

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