Thursday, April 11, 2013

Very good news!

I must share these joyful news with you people!
My film "Guilt" is constantly receiving very positive attention.

The biggest deal of all is that it has been accepted to a competition programe in one of the oldest and most important animation festivals in the world Annecy animated film festival in France.
This festival is often referred to as Cannes of animation. It is one of the most important animation industry events and it will take place on 10-15th of June in France. The history of Annecy goes back 53 years. Each year it attracts more than 7000 animation professionals. This year's competition programe is formed by choosing  52 films out of 2500 submitted works.
 My film "Guilt" is the first Lithuanian film chosen to  the competition programme.
It's said to be  one of the most significant appreciations of Lithuanian animation internationally in recent years.

Unfortunately I will have larger stuff going on in my life at around the same time as the festival. Our baby is supposed to arrive in june. So no chance I will visit this beautiful city this year.

Another good thing happening is that the film has been nominated in The best animated film of the year category by Lithuanian film academy. Sidabrinė Gervė (Silver Crane)is Lithuanian film industry awards for all possible good achievements in the industry.
The prize is very appealing:-) It's a silver crane as you might have guessed.

And don't you forget to come to Skalvija this Saturday at 17 o'clock if you wish to see the film!


Unknown said...

Dideliausi sveikinimai, Reda.
Sėkmės, pradžiai skinant tą gervę, o svarbiausia - gero birželio!

Reda said...

Ačiū! Birželis tikrai geras nusimato :-D

mirattes said...

Vaje kaip super!!! Labaididziuojuosi,kad yra toks visapusiskai talentingas asmuo! Sekmes visamekame :)

Jovita said...

Kaip smagiai viskas klostosi! Didžiausios sėkmės!
Sidabrinė gervė tau labai tiktų :)