Sunday, August 19, 2012

The easy weekend

 The summer is almost over. But it had been soooo much fun!Our friends invited people to a party among hills, old cars and apple trees.  We had a great great weekend! 
 There were many activities. But most of the time was spent playing volleyball and watching the scenery.
Me and my boyfriend had a short performance for our friends on Sunday. A wedding portrait, drawn with a foot and a cheek.

 We have even counted the planes of the landscape. I counted 9!

 DJ Plentas is in place. There actually was a disco in underwear!

 DJ Plentas's working on the second floor of the buss while not playing music, eating or kicking ball.

  Unimogas his name is....
 The healthy... and not so healthy food on the meniu.

A wasp swimming in the sparkling wine.
 There was a pond and a smoke sauna. Very very special...and scary.
 The chimney has been blocked on purpose, so all the smoke had to find it's way out somewhere else.
 The house of the land owners.
 The sauna was made of bottles and clay.
 The work/eating/dancing/drinking/chilling area. 
Strangely enough, I have obtained an old mans posture. Let's hope it doesn't stick with me any longer.
 The pond!
 On the way from the sauna to the recreational area.

 We made that kite fly at last.
 The mound of Lepelioniai.

Time to go home...

                                       Photos by Justė Brukštutė.

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