Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy birthday to me

 I have got some crazy friends in deed. Yesterday I was ready to have a birthday party of two, when my boyfriend took me to a park where a surprise party awaited. People were hiding behind trees. One by one they showed themselves as different birds.
We touched our beaks instead of kissing. I got all kinds of flowers (cut ones, in pots and in a form of a present check) and three cakes.
 I had no idea Lithuanians had so many folk riddles about birds and eggs. Crazy stuff.

 Fun fun fun night!


mirattes said...

Su gimtadieniu! Valio valio valio!! Valiooooo :)

Odeta said...

Kokie pasiutę ir smagūs tavo draugai :) Su gimtadieniu!