Friday, August 24, 2012

Old drawings

 I was a bit bored this morning. Also lazy to start working on my film. So I went through my books and found an old sketch book (more than 15 years old). 
I even found my long forgotten comic. I used to draw  all kinds of stories, but they all have disappeared somewhere. 
 I have covered some of the text because it's too awkward...
Above my pet rat. It was a very cozy one. Really friendly and smart. But it died at age of two.

 I was very ambitious about this story here. Hehe, I mean the colors. It was never finished, of course.

 I still like those monkeys or a monkey in front of a mirror. And the yellow dog has gum disease.
 I used to even illustrate jokes like this one here about Winnie-The-Pooh fooling his friend (i can't remember his name in English).
I was really amazed to find out about the maned wolf

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Akvilina said...

Eina sau, kokie gražūs!!!