Thursday, August 23, 2012

Flowers of succulents

 Some of the blossoms. The flowers of succulents are usually small. But cute and often bright. Salmon color seems to be the most popular one :-)
Above-Echeveria desmetiana.
 Before opening and after the start. I hope they will all open at approximately same time. It's such a nice color.

 A flower of a haworthia.  Haworthias seem to compete which one will grow the longer flower stalk!

Oh, I have been anticipating this one! A Ceropegia sandersonii is opening it's only huge flower (huge compared to other succulents). And it's not ready yet. It is called a parachute plant for a reason!

 One of my gasterias bloomed repeatedly this summer!
And at last, not a flower, but so very nice and odd. A Lapidaria margaretae growing new leaves.

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