Saturday, April 14, 2012


The last day in Kansas City.  In this photo.
In real time our trip in San Francisco is going to it's end. Oh, man I've seen much!
The hotel internet is a bit slow for posting many photos. I'll do it when I'm back in Kansas.

Sea food in Marina. Full of tourists and I am one of them!
This one watched us eating closely. It even sneaked behind our backs!

Sea lions on the pier 39. The neighbour is just a pillow. But don't expect him/her to scratch your belly.
The animals climb on top of each other on their way to the water. Irritation arises. There's some playing or fighting in he water. I wish I was a seal. Cause they look so satisfied and relaxed.
I wonder if it followed us to the pier...


GinCherry said...

Pas mus labai daug kiru. Tenka kas diena matyti, nes karaliauja visam mieste. Stebi valgancius zmones, rytais plesho siuksliu maishus ir ieshko maisto. Kartais net skrisdami kam ish ranku maisto pagriebia :) Man jie visada tokie bauginantys ir zmogishki atrodo :)

O ta nuotrauka su ruoniais tai kazkas nerealaus :)

Jovita said...

Kokie nerealūs liūtai!

Luka said...

Watch out! Seagull is after you.

Akvilina said...

Nerealus tesliukai!!