Tuesday, April 17, 2012

San Francisco Part 1

It's raining on our first day in San Francisco. And the weather forecast is the same for the whole week. Oh, but they were sooo wrong, the meteorologists. Like always! It was sunny all five days.
The images above and below-the curviest street in the world!Sea sickness guaranteed!

 A bit of the down town.
We tried this one as well! One needs to hold on tightly when riding up the hill. Or else one finds himself tumbling down to the rear of the tram onto the street all the way to the harbor :-)
Italian district on my way to China Town.
 This hangover eyes bird is from the day we visited the pier 39. But I think it fits here perfectly.
 See what I mean? 
 You don't need any explanation to know where I am...
 The triangle building is seen virtually from everywhere...

OK, time for a bubble tea.
See you later, with some more pics from that great city!

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