Thursday, December 15, 2011

Totally random

 I promise, these are the last photos of Australia. At least I think so.
While waiting for the 2012 year calendar to be printed I had to choose between this or a bunch of plants. I wonder how many people prefer one over another...
And about the pics: the one above is very special. It was the only day I could wear my bikini without getting goosebumps. And I also had a dip n the ocean. Once in 4 weeks!
 Australians love their dogs very much. Most of the people I've seen had two dogs. And usually they weren't the pure breed. Unless I'm not familiar with some Australian breeds. But at least I know the  Australian cattle dog! 
 Each time Luka asked me to step into some grass or bushes for posing, my body would go into a shitting rabbit position! My expression of fare of poisonous snakes. Laurius expressed him self in a way that makes me laugh when I think about it : yeah, the snakes are just lurking on every corner, waiting for you to pass so they can throw themselves on your feet and bite your repeatedly!
I can't say I'm afraid of snakes. Like some people get panic attacks when they as much as hear someone talking about one. I just have read what symptoms one gets after a bite. I'm talking about Australian snakes in particular.
The worst fear I have is probably suffocation. And that one is among the causes of death after a snakebite.
A tiny Japanese garden near my friends home. One can have a wedding here. Australians love to get married in zoos, botanic gardens, wineries and other odd, but aesthetic surroundings.
A couple of seeds I was planing on to take home with me , but chickened out cause of the customs.
As it turns out, a few shops here in Vilnius have plenty of exotic seeds for sale. In purpose of home decoration. Well, it's not the same. I wanted the ones I have picked my self!
 More walking in the hills just outside of Adelaide. The more time passes after the trip to Australia, the better it seems. I have even stopped telling people that it was cold there. 
 A skeleton of a  wedge-tailed eagle. It's amazing what long legs almost all of the birds of prey have. Usually the long bones are hidden among the feathers. Until they need to be extended away from the body to snatch the pray.
Some very funny Australian flies. Fatty fatty!
The larvae of the Green Parasitic Fly is a parasite in other insects. I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad about this...
And this here is a photo from internet. But I just wanted to remind you that this is the kind of spider I had an opportunity to meet in a camping toilet. I first noticed the legs peeking out from under the toilet lid. And it just sat there looking up at me. I tried to kindly push it a bit further with a piece of toilet paper, but it just decided to stand it's ground. 
Oh, and it was a bit smaller than the one in the pic. A teenage (explains the unawareness of how dangerous humans can be)or a fully grown male (could it be that's why he was so brave?).
It could be that the spider couldn't move after being totally mesmerized after being exposed to the shape of human body parts  for the very first time in it's life...

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