Friday, December 16, 2011

 Some of them are rather recently purchased, but I just wanted to post plants I haven't posted yet.
So these three here are aloes. Small ones. I really love them. Aloes are so different, but still recognizable species.

An orchid - Maxillaria tenuifolia. It's flowers will be small, but they will fill the whole room with a scent of fresh coconuts!
Even though it has no flowers yet, and who knows when will I get to see them, I admire those bulbs. And the new bulbs climb higher and higher.
 A hoya obovata. I traded it for another plant.
Probably everybody has had a large hoya growing in their home. Most likely in the kitchen, as these plants love humidity and heat. But it was usually one kind of plant that was popular at that time. Or more correct-that was the only kind available.
The same plant that has been growing together with me growing up is still happily living at my parents home.
There are so many different hoyas! And the uglier the leaves are the more appealing the plant is to me. Some of them produce huge fragrant flowers. You should just google to see it.

 A Senecio stapeliformis.  It's still separated from other plants. Living in a big glass vase, in case it has some bugs or fungi disease.
 I hope you enjoy it's shape and color as much as I do...

  Desert and tropical plants together. We'll see how it went next spring.
Euphorbia lactea forma cristata is difficult to grow on their own roots, and are generally grafted for convenience on Euphorbia canariensisor Euphorbia resinifera. The top plant can become very large. I wonder how can the one under support it. 
 A crassula. Again, I have forgotten, which one. A small cool plant.
 The tropical corner. 
The Chinese Money Plant or Pilea peperomioides.

That's it for now. I'm off to a printing company to pic up the calendar! I hope there will be no surprises. Like wrong colors or something. 


Kelly said...

Hi There,

Did you find the Pilea Peperomioides in Aus? I've been looking for them for ages and I can't find them anywhere!

Any help would be great!



Reda said...

Oh, no this plant is very common house plant in Lithuania.