Sunday, November 13, 2011

Royal botanic gardens in Melbourne

 We visited another haven for birds-Royal botanic gardens in Melbourne.
Above: Little Wattlebird. Scientific name: Anthochaera chrysoptera.
 This is a Willie Wagtail. Scientific name: Rhipidura leucophrys. I could watch this little fella all day long. You should see the way it wags it's tail-hence the name.

 Signs are everywhere: in parks and on camping grounds. European bees have been introduced to Australia. Sometimes they get extra bully when thirsty. Who wouldn't? I'm not sure what kind of bees were these ones.
 The object of caution itself! I couldn't believe the size of it. When I've finally located it. I could barely see the beehive-it blended so well with the tree.
 A king fisher. One second there, another-gone.
 Love/hate carvings on plants again!

 Purple Swamphen. Scientific name: Porphyrio porphyrio.
Runs like crazy. Not such a good flyer though.
 Dusky Moorhen. Scientific name: Gallinula tenebrosa.
Another good runner/leaf walker.
 Some giant plants.
 A couple of close ups. Above - a bird flower (Strelitzia).
And a bark of a tree. Some of hard to climb trees are called monkey puzzle trees!

 More giant blossoms and leaves.

 The succulents were mostly growing outside the park walls.

Angry looking bird. Adelaide has it's noisy miner. And Melbourne- it's common miner. Scientific name: Acridotheres tristis.
There were bell miners as well.  (Scientific name: Manorina melanophrys). I can assure You it deserves it's name.
 Hunting for succulents.

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