Monday, November 14, 2011

Little desert national park

 On the road again. Towards home, towards South Australia.

 We made our camp in Little desert national park camp ground.  It's just us and an old couple in a caravan. They were gone the next morning. It feels as if people leave when it's still dark.

 The trail is very easy and nice. But this is our first warm evening during our trip! And together with warmth flies emerge.

 See a trail of flies behind me? A funny thing-they weren't so keen to get under the shade of the hat.
Preparing for a dinner. It's also our first table and bench!

 There were so many different animals moving around the tent we got a bit scared at the beginning. We could recognize a passing emu. Possums were a puzzle at first. Then we got out of the tent to gaze at the stars and met a bunch of possums. 
 It was the warmest evening, but also the coldest night! We suspect it was around 5 degrees Celsius towards the sunrise. We thought the morning would never come. It was rather horrible. But the horror dissolved with the new day and we had our strawberries...

 We located footprints of an emu the previous day. They led to a puddle.
 Laurius got very close to the mother emu and her chicks. Brave, I must say. The bird made sure Laurius didn't get any closer by walking towards him a bit.

Australia is a home to giant blossoms, spiders and ants. If you get too close, it abandons it's pray and starts to follow you. I'm not sure if either wants to take you home as a bigger  prey or to scare you off .
 There are giant koalas in Australia as well.
 Very small and empty Kiata.
 All fruit and vegetables must be left behind in Victoria state. SA doesn't want any additional fruit flies.

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