Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Summer time, living is easy

I just had to scan these. Ahh, summer.
...My friend had a nice idea. You know, when being photographed you just don't know how to act, where to put your hands and feet. Whitch direction to point your gaze. Well , she had it all sorted out-just act like a zombie.
Not quite true-a real zombie would dash (if it was some of the newer versions) towards you. The image you would get would be all blurry, if you survive to make any. On the other hand, if it was a slow fella, the pose would be so borring. Always with the arms dangling down the sides of the body. And  with the jaw doing almost the same.
So we invented something in between zombie, Frankenstein's monster an a lunatic.
It's so much more fun than just standing and smiling. But i have to admit there is more resemblance to Nosferatu or any other silent movie star.
By the way, there's a zombie survival guide. So not all is lost!

I was not sure any more if it was the dog that started looking like me or the other way around. Unfortunately, dog allergy is my enemy no.1...

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Luka said...

Jeeee, pavyko juosta!