Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slippery world

I am growing tired of this winter. It JUST can't decide how to act. It's -20 celsius. No, wait, it's +4 celsius! Ok, it's -5. Oops, +1...
Lets rain a bit. And now, let's freeze!
I am staying inside most of the time. The world is covered in a layer of ice, with a coat of water. SLIPPERY! 
I wore my Hunter rubber boots another day. I had to stand in one spot for some minutes. And guess what-i cought a cold.
 A piece of art by my friend Luka.

 The phalaenopsis never dissapoints...

A new plant just came in.

 She has got a crest!

So, surfing in internet resulted in a very surprising find.
This blog is so inspiring. The pictures are all so lovely (i am now ashamed of mine). 

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