Thursday, April 12, 2018

Digital world expanding 2

  So, I have put together the most recent digital work.
 A stag with staghorn fern.
Holding your balance on ice.
 I previously sketched for a watercolor painting. Got a bit lazy and made this digital one instead.

 Homage to my cat.
 Conservationists say the extinct Yangtze river dolphin Baiji may be returning!
 Same dog during sunset  or sunrise and at night.

 I am still thinking about the Lithuanian film “Ancient woods”. The opinions and likes are divided. So I put my thoughts down here in Lithuanian. In short, for me this feature film is not an educational Animal planetesque film. This is documentary poetry. Nature poetry, call it what you like! But it’s a film to see, because it wakes us up and forces to think of the damage we are doing to our forests! Kai aš mėginu "Sengirė" filmą paaiškinti kitiems, sakau, kad čia ne edukacinė Animal planet tipo dokumentika. Čia yra dokumentinė poezija, gamtos poezija. Pilna salė buvo vaikų. Ir tik vienas skleidė garsą-paukščiuko pypsėjimą. Dar kartais paklausdavo, wow, kas čia per gyvis. Aš vesiuos savo dukrą ir žiūrėsiu šį filmą darsyk. Žinoma, visada visada bus į ką lygiuotis. Bet man, didelei gyvojo pasaulio stebėtojai-tai buvo labai lauktas filmas. Aišku, suprantu visus, kas "varo" ant medžių užstojamo vaizdo, scenų ne fokuse, povandeninių kokybės ir tt, aš ir visa tai mačiau, bet nusprendžiau verčiau įsijausti. Ir iškart tapo lengviau. Juk miške gyvūnų arba išvis nematai, arba tik galbūt juos girdi, o jei pasiseka, kokio didesnio pasturgalį spėji pamatyti tarp medžių. Tad čia buvo kaip tikras pasivaikščiojimas miške-kai matai tik fragmentus. Ir iš arčiau ir neskubėdamas gali stebėti tik vabzdžius, gyvatę ar kokią pelę (jei ši nebekruta...). Ir svarbiausia- šis filmas labai jaudina ir nori nenori tenka susimàstyti: kà mes darome savo miškams!? 
A detail from the capercaillie digital drawing.
 A lady bird. I have actually made an animated short as a small exercise with such a bird. Check it out ( kids love it!). 
 Pigeons are actually smart birds. Their cognitive ability is surprising and little understood.
 A sad doggy... It's wrong to think dogs smile when they stretch their mouth and narrow their eyes.  Saying a dog smiles is ultimately a form of anthropomorphism. When a dog does this with his face it means it's showing other animal or human that he means no harm and is submissive.
The angry swan.
 I read about a new discovery yesterday. Apparently scientists have found a substance in the eyes of birds that helps them migrate by seeing the electromagnetic field of the Earth. It made me think about the other things we, humans aren't able to see. We can not, f.ex. comprehend how dogs see their world with all the smells around them. The whole social network is on the ground, posts and bushes. They quickly get the gender, status, recent meals and other things about other dogs. It's probably very similar to us, looking down at the social media networks in our phones. And as the dog is oblivious to the internet, we are equally unaware of the social network of smells around us. 
 VAQUITA - the world’s most rare marine mammal. It was discovered in 1958 and now only ca 30 individuals remain in the entire world. Google and read about the “little cow” of the ocean! 
I heard about the zombie deer of Canada! I am not sure what scares me more-water shortage in Cape Town or zombie animals in the gigantic forests of Canada. 
Horses can sit nicely! But it’s bad and can be even fatal if they lay too long. Apparently their organs can get squished under all this weight.

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