Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tenerife part two

Tiny natural water pools in the southern part of Tenerife. Isn't it cool to lay down and have a bath among these small fish?
And all around there were caves occupied by hippies. You can even rent a cave!

These little lifts are everywhere in the mountains. This one on the way to Chinamada.
Dead beauties in Municipal Market Our Lady of Africa La Recova in Puerto de la Cruz. Wouldn't you agree fish look way better in the water?
I guess people eat Moray eels too? Oh wait, we eat everything. Even soup, boiled from swallow nests, made out of their saliva. 
Damn, how do you catch a sea devil. And more importantly, how do you prepare it?
A stop on our way to the volcano Teide.
The ladder doesn't lead anywhere :-)
The lava fields. The front wall of it is taller than a human. A bit unsettling.
The Spanish are really crazy about soccer. This field was like 2 kilometers high up in the mountains.
One of the iconic plants in Tenerife-Echium wildpretii. Soft and beautiful. But the real treat are the flowers, that cover the 3 meter tall plant.

The cool and moist forests of Anaga. It's a laurel tree forest. I haven't seen a laurel before except in my soup.
Ferns again!And the epyphitic plants are the most interesting to me.
The most beautiful view of Teide. Photo taken in the town of Icos de los Vinos.
Same town, different details. 

And this is the concert hall in the capital. The walls were covered in white mosaic, giving the whole building a glittery look.
This one here was probably the most spectacular view, opening to the sea. There is a walk path leading to Loro park. Though I didn't walk all the way. It ends at Levator Gordejuela. And boy, what a treat one gets.

On the hiking trail, leading from Chinamada. It was too narrow and steep to continue with a four year old unfortunately.
Just a bit of taste of the views from the same trail.

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