Friday, April 28, 2017

The ongoing dog series

 So, I am done with the 30 day art challenge, which eventually grew into a 60 day challenge.
But I have gained the momentum of creating something everyday. And suddenly I found myself drawing hollow eyed dogs. I also chose to give them odd names in Italian. See if you can translate any of them.

The beautiful Afghans are often photographed standing in the wind. It's almost impossible to find a photo of it posing nicely in till weather :-D
 The gentle giant the great dane. Due to their size, the dog is short lived. 

 My childhood dream dog-the Irish setter. I was so close to getting it, until my parent saw how big they grow! Lithuanians probably remember the book by Gavriil Trojepolski and the film under the same name "Baltasis Bimas juodoji ausis". So many tears were shed! One of the most traumatizing books I have ever read.
 This dog here served as a continuation to the last, the 60th day of the art challenge "Art every day". I should really make it art every day for 365 days, but right now I am illustrating one more book, and I wouldn't want to miss a day of the challenge...
 I think this is some kind of shepherd dog. "I am watching you..."
 Don't you love the sound of the dogs jaw snapping after it has been yawning? It produces such a peculiar sound.
The fluffy maltese. Totally not my kind of dog, but I like the three dark  dots (eyes and nose)on its face.

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