Sunday, March 12, 2017

White dogs

 Once again I find myself in that stage of life where I start dreaming of acquiring a dog. I am allergic to canine saliva. So, it doesn't really matter, if it's a curly, smooth or a naked dog. It's enough if the tip of the nose touches me. 
But knowing that I am more allergic to some dogs than others leave me a slight hope of finding the one.
Right now some of the free time is spent marveling at the standard poodle. Especially the white one. I have seen them move. They walk and it seems they know they look gorgeous.
Oh, and the ones in strands...
It both has the looks and the brains!
Other white dogs that I admire for their shape is the Bedlington terrier and the Bullt errier. 
Arghh, my daughter needs to grow up with a dog! Why does she have to miss out on this wonderful thing because of me?

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