Monday, March 20, 2017

Vandas and cattleyas

 So, I have managed to finish the challenge "Art everyday for 30 days" without any gaps. Except for some very light sketches  which barely qualify as art and the old work (which was by the rules).
I will post more of the things I have created during this month. 
These two mixed media pictures are about orchids and 30's ladies.
A Cattleya orchid can sometimes be very difficult to bloom. Thus I was amazed to find out that women wore flowers of these orchids as corsages. They bloom only once a year! Thanks god Cymbidium orchid with it's multiple flowers per flower stalk came along and Cattleya was left alone.
Have you ever seen a blue Vanda orchid? That's a completely natural color! And the name is Vanda coerulea. I have a spectacular hybrid with purple flowers which blooms a few times a year. I can see it's producing a stalk again!
Anyway, I came across this info, I really hope it's true. In Sanskrit "vanda" means "orchid". Suddenly name Wanda doesn't sound that ridiculous.

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